Hike East Osceola via Greeley Ponds Trail

Here are some photos from our family hike up East Osceola Mountain via Greeley Ponds Trail on July 7, 2105.

For the most part the firts 1.3 miles of the Greeley Pond Trail is flat, although there were some muddy spots and a few stream crossings.
For the most part the first 1.3 miles of the Greeley Pond Trail is flat, although there were some muddy spots and a few stream crossings.

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Rainy Day at Campground

Rain continues…

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Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion

Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion
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June 2015 – A view of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion from the adjacent public beach. Located in the town of Westerly in the coastal village of Watch Hill.

The double fence and large sea wall visible in the photo are fairly new. Taylor Swift spent several million dollars renovating/constructing the wall. There was a bit of controversy over the sea wall, here’s a local Providence Journal article that explains it was all completely legal, but frustrated some.

The day we visited the area there was at least one security guard roaming the grounds. You can see him sitting near the flagpole on the right-hand side of the photo.

Taylor Swift spent approximately $17.75 Million in cash for the property in 2013. According to USMagazine.com the property is 5 acres, 65ft from the ocean and the mansion was built in 1930.

Sunspots at Franconia Notch’s Flume Gorge

Telescope View of the Sun
Telescope View of the Sun demonstration at Franconia Notch Flume Gorge & Visitor Center

Day two of our summer vacation to the White Mountains. We had a rough start, the hike we planned was abruptly canceled due to a closed trail. We struggled a bit to regroup and find a new hike. We ended up opting for an easy hike down the familiar Pemi Trail and Bike Path with no specific destination.

We ended up at the Flume Gorge and walked around the visitor center, checked the trout pond, and happened upon two students from Dartmouth College who were working with the Appalachian Mountain Club Astronomy Programs. They had several telescopes setup just outside the entrance and offered some great information.

Astronomy Programs at AMCWe learned how to view the sun with various telescope techniques. There were two visible sunspots during our observation, which may be hard to see in the photo because they appeared as specks. In fact I thought they were just dust or dirt on the lens. Those specks are actually about the size of earth.

Our two boys really enjoyed the demonstration and information. I was not aware of the Astronomy Programs at AMC, but I our family can take advantage of more programs like this. We understand that telescopes will be available at Lafayette Campground for night observing during June-August. We are here for the next two weeks, so we hope to make it on a nice clear night.

For more information on the Astronomy Programs at AMC you can visit their wesbite: http://www.outdoors.org/recreation/naturearts/astronomy.cfm

Ahern Career Day 2015

Ahern Career Day

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WordPress – Make Top Level Menus without Creating Placeholder Pages

Add this little trick to the DUH category, one of those little things I should have looked up years ago. Very often with WordPress sites you want to create a menu bar based on categories, such as the one below.

Normally to do this you would setup a page or link for each menu item, both top level and sub-menus. But often we don’t want the top level to link anywhere, we simply want it to reveal the sub-menu. A placeholder of sorts.

Creating top level menus in WordPress that are inactive (not clickable)
Creating top level menus in WordPress that are inactive (not clickable)

In the past I did this by creating a blank page in WordPress, adding that page to the menu. The problem with this method is if the visitor clicks on the top level menu the blank page displays, not ideal.

The work around or trick is to add a “custom link” to the menu instead of a page. Then add a simple # symbol in the link field.

CustomLinkMenuWordpressThis does create a link, but it goes nowhere and in effect does what we want.

If for some reason you don’t see “Custom Links” under Appearance>Menus, you may need to click on “Screen Options” (top right) and turn on.

It’s the little things sometimes…

Cumberland Town Council Holds Firm on No Tax Increase

Town Council Meeting video from June 1, 2015
Second Public Hearing & First Vote on the 2015-16 Budget


Baseball Season in Cumberland


Baseball Season in Cumberland

FCATV.ORG Coffee Mug – Google Auto-Awesome

FCA Coffee Mug Animation


Thanks Google+ Auto Awesome, I love these little gems in my Google photo gallery.

Using Draw.io for Video Production

Draw.io LogoOver the past few years I’ve really embraced the “cloud” in my professional workflows. Google Drive is my primary cloud service and I use third party applications that extend the basic office tools in Drive.

Draw.io is one of those apps that I’ve discovered, a wonderful (and free) tool that offers a web based drawing for floor plans, network diagrams, and mind maps. The documents can be saved to various cloud storage services, including Google Drive.

Today I was able to sketch up a quick floorplan for a nine camera video production using Draw.io and I’m happy with the results. The drawing took me about an hour and half, I could spend some more time cleaning it up and color coding things better, but I’m happy with the results.

We will be covering two musical performances over the course of one weekend inside a high school gymnasium. The gym lighting will be shut off and our crew will light and shoot both concerts for air on local community TV and for student/family keepsakes.

The production is ultra low-budget using existing equipment resources and a volunteer crew.

Here’s a screenshot of my draft 1.0 Draw.io camera plan:

Draw.io TV Production Camera Plan Layoout
Draw.io TV Production Camera Plan Layoout