Goal Zero 1250 and Boulder 30s on Two Week Camping Trip

After several weeks of research into solar power for camping, my wife and I decided to purchase the Goal Zero 1250, along with four Boulder 30 Panels. Goal Zero products are certainly not the cheapest option available, in fact we were originally planning to build our own system. After putting together a list of “quality” items need to build we realized a Certainly not the least expensive option, in fact we originally were

Memorial Day Weekend


This has been a wonderful weekend, starting with a birthday party for my oldest son.  Today I finally had an opportunity to play around with the RaspberryPi I purchased a while back.  Both my sons helped set it up.  We were able successfully browse the internet with the Pi, just amazing such a small and low-cost device can do so much.

I also was able to get out for a run and pulled off 13.3 miles. Then our family went on a boat tour of the Blackstone River.

Now we’re enjoying the cool air outside, cooking on the grill.  A busy weekend for sure, but relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I always look forward covering the Foxborough Parade for Foxboro Cable Access.  A sacred day set aside to ensure we all take a moment to remember the men and women who died while serving this great country.

FIX: GoToMyPC Keyboard Character Strange Behavior Mac-to-Mac

I ran into this issue today and thought I would share the fix.


GoToMyPC Keyboard IssueWhen connecting to a Mac, from another Mac using GoToMyPC I was experiencing very strange keyboard issues.  Symbols and alt charters appear, some keys we not work at all.

The screenshot on the right shows an example of the special characters that would appear while typing.


Text ExpanderTextExpander was the culprit!  Quit/Close the TextExpander Application and you should be all set.

If that does not work, some forums have suggested closing TextExpander, then leave the GoToMyPC session and Start a new GoToMyPC session.

TextExpander is a wonderful program that saves me time everyday.  Here’s a description from the Text Expanded Website:

TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures…

Weekend Reads

Keeping informed and following industry trends is important and also part of the excitement of this industry.  There’s so many resources and smart people sharing knowledge and information.  Here are some articles and blog posts that peaked my interest over the past week.  Grab a coffee and comfortable chair sometime this weekend:

Goodbye BNC, Hello 8P8C | TV Technology by Craig Norris

The inevitable replacement for your old faithful BNC/coax combo is the cheap but rather unsatisfying plastic 8P8C connector on dual unshielded twisted pair (UTP).

NBC Wins Prime-Time TV Ratings (in 18-to-49) for First Time in a Decade | AdAge.com

It’s the first time NBC has finished above fourth place since the 2003-2004 season. It has never managed to recreate the powerful Thursday night comedy block that once was home to series such as “The Cosby Show.”

AMC Series Will Debut on Tumblr Before TV | AdAge.com by Jeanine Poggi

AMC will premiere its new drama, “Halt and Catch Fire,” on Tumblr ahead of its TV debut.

GoPro Phantom

GoPro Phantom

Watching and learning from New England Tech instructor Matt Morin as he pilots his Phantom GoPro rig around the college campus this morning. The stand on the left is hold up an LCD monitor with a wireless link to the GoPro.

Weather is great today, although there were some decent wind gusts.  I was impressed with how well the on-board GPS and stabilization system handled the erratic wind.

Ask Bill Keegan Set


Today I spent a few hours getting ready for a new production that will be starting up here at Foxboro Cable Access.  Town Manager Bill Keegan will record his first “Ask Bill Keegan” show on Tuesday.  Here is set version 1.0, which is comprised of existing set decor items, chairs, etc.  So this is a no-budget setup.

The window in  the background looks into a conference room, I hope to somehow incorporate this into the set better…maybe with some lighting in the conference room, not sure what yet…

Studio Tour of Twit.tv

Twit.tv LogoRecently TWiT.tv posted a studio tour of their facilities in Petaluma, CA. TWiT is a podcast network founded by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte. I’ve followed the network closely over the past few years and often watch their live video feed at live.twit.tv.

The network keeps this feed live, with mics open during the production of all their podcasts including pre-show preparations and discussions.  In my view this is the big differentiator for the network and often it’s big attraction for tech people.  You can often follow along as real people work through the process of media making.

I use the network to stay informed with the latest in tech, but I’m also very interested to watch how they go about producing content.  TWiT is always experimenting and evolving their productions and technology.

Here’s the Studio Tour…you may also want to check out the Google Street view tour INSIDE Twit.  Neat Stuff!


Video streaming by Ustream

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