Waterfall White Noise for Relaxation, Sleep and Meditation

Relaxing Waterfall recorded at Fransted Campground in Franconia, New Hampshire, Run time = 10hrs:

(1.15GB) – Download

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Video Production Trade News – Week of May 1, 2016

Each week I share select trade news articles with students enrolled in my New England Tech video production classes. It’s critical in any field to remain current, follow emerging trends, examine best practices, and learn about various challenges that face the industry. Below are some articles from the past week that were discussed during class:…

Analyzing Lighting & Set Design of Election Coverage

Hat’s off to Alex McCown (@alexm247) for his latest piece over at AVClub.com, looking at the business of set design and lighting, specifically national election coverage. Expending such effort to make a bar look like a TV studio would seem to defeat the purpose of leaving the studio in the first place, but MSNBC is loath…