Community Television Final Cut Pro Video Production

Foxboro, MA – Snow Storm Video Clip 2/13/14

Final Cut Pro Television Video Production

SMPTE Presentation & WCVB Tour

On December 14th I attended the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)
New England Section chapter meeting. The presentation was titled “THE LATEST IN HIGH DEFINITIONTELEVISION MOBILE UNIT DESIGN”. Two local companies made presentations, Little Bay Communications and Thistle Communications.

Below are photos from the event, mostly from the WCVB Station tour which followed the SMPTE meeting.

Final Cut Pro

Exploring Final Cut Pro 10.0.1

On Sepetember 20th Apple released the first update to Final Cut Pro X (10.0.1) and announced that additional updates will be released in early 2012. The PixelCorps video below is long, but provides great information on the new features and fixes:

Updates Include:

  • Rich XML Support
  • Xsan Support
  • Media Stems Export
  • Custom Starting Timecode
  • One-step Transitions on Connected Clips
  • New Theme: Tribute
  • Full-screen view in Lion
  • GPU-accelerated export
  • Camera Import SDK
Multicamera editing is expected in early 2012 
Final Cut Pro Video Production

Final Cut X – Apple’s Response to Criticism

Final Cut Pro X - Everything Just Changed In PostI’m still in a state of denial.  How could the Apple screw up Final Cut so bad? Is Apple really dumbing down the software in order to hit a larger market?  Is this really iMovie Pro?

Maybe, but I remain hopeful (note my denial)…hopeful the Final Cut Pro team can perform a course correction and address the laundry list of issues.

Final Cut Pro X is a breakthrough in nonlinear video editing. The application has impressed many pro editors, and it has also generated a lot of discussion in the pro video community. We know people have questions about the new features in Final Cut Pro X and how it compares with previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve heard.

Check out Apple’s answer sheet, which attempts to provide a status update on the missing features:

Beyond the missing features and new user interface; many professionals are loosing trust in Apple. Where was the communication with the pro users before launch?  For some, this program is their livelihood!  Many businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations invested their limited resources into the Final Cut Pro workflow.  These folks invested in years of training and skill development.  I’m not opposed to change, I think many of who work with technology actually enjoy changes, upgrades, and improvements.  Somehow it seems Apple failed in their product development and launch execution.

Larry Jordan posted a blog article a few days ago criticizing Apple’s handling of the product development process, the lack of communication, and issues of accountability. Well worth the read: “Who’s Accountable?

For me, I continue to hold out hope that Apple will fix the problems and begin the restore credibility.  That said, part of me fears it may be too late!