Great Run this Morning


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I was just thrilled to have the morning off from teaching, giving me an opportunity to get out and run in the fresh snow. The views along the Blackstone River were awesome!


Gansett Half Marathon

Great time at the Gansett Half Marathon this year. My training was less than ideal, but somehow I pulled off a better run than I deserved. Great day, motivated to improve.


Franconia Color Run 5K – July 2016

Our family is returning from vacation in Franconia, New Hampshire. No resorts and spas for this group, although we did visit Santa’s Village.

For the most part, we spent the time hiking with an aim at “bagging” 4,000 footers, cooking on the campfire, and running.

Franconia Recreation Department holds an annual 4th of July 5K (use to be a 10K), and since I started running, it’s become a highlight of the vacation. The run is your typical small town run, no chips and a small field of runners, but I LOVE THE RUN!

Franconia Color Run 5K Course
Franconia Color Run 5K Course

This winter and spring I was dealing with lingering running injuries (Plantar fasciitis and hip pain) and I’ve been desperately looking forward to some decent, injury free running this summer. Over the past month, I’ve been noticing slow and steady improvements although the pain is not entirely gone the runs are much more enjoyable.

While I did not beat my previous course time I felt great and came in sixth place overall, not too shabby! My wife did an excellent as well. Did I mention the benefits of a small field of runners?

Family Photo at Franconia 5K Color Run
Family Photo at Franconia 5K Color Run

Small town run also allowed my two boys to get recruited to help throw “color” at the finish line, the whole family had an awesome time. Enjoying the running journey – July 2016

Enjoying the running journey – July 2016

Race results, posting here for my own future reference.
Race results, posting here for my own future reference.



Fun Stuff Running Vacation

Reflecting, Looking Forward

My family is in the White Mountains on a ski trip this week and as usual I’ve packed the running gear just in case there’s an opportunity. Today I had the time and ran into downtown North Conway and decided to stop mid-run at Zebs General Store, which is a must for anyone who visits the area.  I grabbed a coffee sample at the front door and headed back to my run, I’ll head back with the family soon.

The last run of the year is always one of reflection and looking forward to the year ahead.

Running continues to be a growing passion for me, helping keep me focused through life’s journey. My goal for 2014 was to run a half marathon and I was thankful to accomplish this while fighting an injury.

My injury and the horrible weather made the Gansett Half a tough run. The process taught me the importance of slow, consistent improvements and to respect the run.

I just looked at my milage and discovered I came close to doubling my milage this year, logging 950 miles compared to 500 in 2013. I’m a bit surprised and thrilled to see progress.

My Wife Deborah made me a running cake for my 37th Birthday
My Wife Deborah made a running cake for my 37th Birthday

As always, there’s much room for improvment. I’m going to keep my 2015 running goals simple:

  • First thing is to focus on consistency and keeping myself injury free.
  • I want to run another Half Marathon, injury free this time.
  • I also want to begin contemplating a full marathon, which seems so difficult at this moment. I know that if I focus on the first two goals the marathon goal is absolutely possible.
  • Lastly, managing my diet better will help improve my run and for me the measurement of success will be having lower body weight than I do now.

These are all manageable running goals, but I also realize it’s easy to lose focus, get injured, and suffer setbacks. Thanks to the support of friends and family, I have confidence that another great year of running is ahead.

Running has been life changing for me. I’m grateful that I found a rewarding passion and that I have such a supportive family that gives me the time to chase my goals.

Wishing everyone a great 2015, whatever your goals might be slow steady progress wins the day every time.

Peace and God Bless

Running Running Log

Make Running a Habit


Some thoughts on running and a few training updates as the summer comes to an end.

I never thought running would become my “thing”. When I first started going to the gym I’d always avoid the treadmill, it just seemed boring and frankly I could not understand why anyone would want to run in-place for any length of time.

Running is now a passion, which I’ve come to embraced over the past few years.  Something clicked for me a about three years ago and I’m so thankful that I was open to the idea.  Thankful that I was willing to give it a serious try.

The trigger for me was social media of all things.  I had several facebook friends in our community who had been running and sharing their experience , it looked like fun.

When I look back the first year was not pretty, I had lots of ups and downs.  Running can be extremely frustrating, it continues to be…yet I’ve learned it’s all part of the journey.

I have my days where I think I’m making real progress and pull off times that I didn’t think I was capable of.  Some days it’s just plain ugly.  I’ve learned to go with the flow and this year I’ve been able to ramp up my distance to 100 miles in a single month for the first time.

Regulating my diet has improved slightly, but still a constant struggle.  I’m known to be a scavenger around the house. Normally I have a good healthy lunch, usually a salad with chicken.  Breakfast is also usually a good meal for me, my default is a veggie omelet.  Diet is my weak link, no doubt.

My goal to run a half this year is still pending, hope to register for a race within the next week.  Hopefully the annoying ankle pain subsides before race day.


New Distance PR

Somtimes my best runs are just random good days. Today I boke my personal distance record, previously 13.1 (June 8, 2013).

I simply enjoyed today’s run, temperatures were in the low 60s and my legs felt good. Once I hit the three mole mark, I started to think about how far I should go.  I quickly decided this might be a good day for a 13 mile run.

Around the halfway mark my knees were starting to feel tired.  No pain, but certainly tender. I was able to push on with no increase in discomfort.   Thrilled with the results, a good test for my half-marathon goal this year.

Running Log

Outdoors at Lincoln Woods

2/8/14 5 mile run at Lincoln WoodsFinaly got outside again, Lincoln Woods is my go-to after snowstorms. The park has a paved road that wraps around picturesque Onley Pond, two loops is about 5 miles. Today was a great day, temperatures were around 32F, sunny, and I was full of energy.

Unfortunately knee pain has been my 2014 struggle, today I made it three miles before the kee really started to bother me. I attribute the pain from overtraining, from ramping up both mileage and speed. Hopefully that’s all. I recently hit a new 5K speed PR and January was a new distance/month PR, 70 miles.

RunKeeper Run Data 2/8/14Plan right now is to slow things down a bit, squeeze in some additional rest days. Hopefully the knee gets better soon.


1,000 Miles, Journey Continues

1,000 Miles, Journey ContinuesRunKeeper is the best! Constantly sending me emails with accomplishments that would otherwise go unnoticed. February is off to a great start, new PR, although knee pain continues on and off. Need to learn how to better pace myself and keep my runs consistent.


Off and Running in 2014

“Motivated” sums up how I feel about my running progress over the past several weeks.  I have high hopes for 2014, thanks to my motivating friends on

My kee has been causing some pain throughout January.  I also bruised a rib during a New Years ski trip.  Both seem to be getting better, but some pain still persist.  The knee pain has been the big struggle.  I think it’s mostly the result of ramping up milage in January, after low milage in November/December.

That said, I’m on track to break a new personal record for “miles in a month”, should end up near 70.

My hope at this point is to continue the milage in February,  pace myself to reduce knee pain, build up my base, and hopefully strenghen my core.

I do hope to run a half marathon in 2014, we’ll see.


January 2014 Run Update

This photo was from my run today on the Blackstone Valley Run Path, most refer to it as a Bike Path. The run was tough today, still dealing with sore knee that has been causing me problem for the past month or so. On a positive note, I’ve been able to rack up some decent miles so far this month. I know the knee issue will improve with time, so I’m just focused on running whatever I can. So far I’m up to 37.8 miles for the month, on the higher end of my usual.

I have big hope for 2014, and so far I’m please with how things are going.