Reflecting, Looking Forward

My family is in the White Mountains on a ski trip this week and as usual I’ve packed the running gear just in case there’s an opportunity. Today I had the time and ran into downtown North Conway and decided to stop mid-run at Zebs General Store, which is a must for anyone who visits the area.  I […]

Make Running a Habit

Some thoughts on running and a few training updates as the summer comes to an end. I never thought running would become my “thing”. When I first started going to the gym I’d always avoid the treadmill, it just seemed boring and frankly I could not understand why anyone would want to run in-place for any length […]

Outdoors at Lincoln Woods

Finaly got outside again, Lincoln Woods is my go-to after snowstorms. The park has a paved road that wraps around picturesque Onley Pond, two loops is about 5 miles. Today was a great day, temperatures were around 32F, sunny, and I was full of energy. Unfortunately knee pain has been my 2014 struggle, today I […]

1,000 Miles, Journey Continues

RunKeeper is the best! Constantly sending me emails with accomplishments that would otherwise go unnoticed. February is off to a great start, new PR, although knee pain continues on and off. Need to learn how to better pace myself and keep my runs consistent.

Off and Running in 2014

“Motivated” sums up how I feel about my running progress over the past several weeks.  I have high hopes for 2014, thanks to my motivating friends on My kee has been causing some pain throughout January.  I also bruised a rib during a New Years ski trip.  Both seem to be getting better, but […]

January 2014 Run Update

This photo was from my run today on the Blackstone Valley Run Path, most refer to it as a Bike Path. The run was tough today, still dealing with sore knee that has been causing me problem for the past month or so. On a positive note, I’ve been able to rack up some decent […]