COVID Sunsets

For several months now my wife and I have been going on long 33ish mile bike rides on most weekends.

The sunset at Colt State Park is our goal most of the time, regardless of the weather conditions or cloud cover. The East Bay Bike Path offers great views along the water, passing through some neat areas from neighborhoods, to amazing estates and neat views of city.

Sunset at Colt State Park on December 28, 2020

Some weeks the temperatures are extremely cold and we’ve had to pack hand and foot warmers. Other weeks the wind is the biggest challenge. We even attempted the trip when ice cover large sections of the route.

Once we see the sunset, the ride back to East Providence is in the dark and temperatures usually drop fast. We have nice views of the city and Bay at night.

The rides have become a routine and something to look forward to on the weekends. Our collection of sunset photos is also growing fast.

Colt State Park, January 23, 2021

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