Send A Personalized Call From Santa Claus

The following ad showed up on my Google Voice email today: "Send a personalized call from Santa!, brought to you by Google Voice.

I just noticed a link on the bottom of my Google Voicemail website, “Send A Personalized Call From Santa Claus” –

The site has a coming soon banner, so it’s unknown what exactly this will be.  It appears that Google will be able to relay a message to Santa and your child would get a return phone call from Old Saint Nick himself!

We’ll see, nice addition to the NORAD Santa Track website.

According to Google also registered a number of other domain names, all which appear to be unused at this time:

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  1. It will only speak common white people names, it won’t even try to pronounce ethnic names. Not even the name “Muhammad”, which is apparently one of the most popular names in the world. It just skips the name. I’m not sure how I feel about a service that discriminates like that…

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